Difference between count() and sizeof() in PHP

difference between count and sizeof

According to PHP documentation, sizeof() is an alias of  count(). While searching on the web, I found and realized that count() is faster and butter than sizeof(). Here is a good description of this on stackoverflow– scroll down to the answer of Gazoris. to understand the difference between count() and sizeof() in php

According to my understanding when sizeof is an alias of count, its code might be looking something like this.

count() Function:

  1. function count($array_variable){
  2. //...........
  3. //code for counting size of array
  4. //...........
  5. return $size;
  6. }

sizeof() Function:

  1. function sizeof($array_variable){
  2. return count($array_variable);
  3. }

The above example code describes that when you are using sizeof() you are also calling the count() via backdoor. So, use of count is better.

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